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OMAC Members and STEP Tools Stretch On-Machine Measurement to New Lengths

On July 12, a team led by STEP Tools and OMAC members stretched the digital thread farther than ever before – from design, through manufacture, and into five axis measurement.

The demonstration showed how the digital thread enables more accurate, timely and automated on-machine measurement. The Digital thread connects elements in manufacturing and provides an integrated view throughout the process. The demonstration uses STEP to define a product model, MTConnect to communicate on-machine touch points, and QIF to report metrology results. STEP is supported by nearly every CAD system, and has recently been updated to include tolerances that can be reasoned with by intelligent software. MTConnect is available for nearly every type of machine tool and for this demonstration has been extended to include touch probe results. QIF has been developed by the team responsible for DMIS as a next generation standard for metrology planning and reporting.

Click Here to see video of the Digital Thread demo.

March 2015 – STEP Presentation Highlights Savings of 15-50%

The Organization of Machine Automation and Control (OMAC) hosted a two-day industry forum on STandard for Exchange of Product model Data (STEP) for manufacturing, which demonstrated and discussed technologies, projects, and developments by companies and universities. STEP enhancements aim to streamline use of machine tools and digital manufacturing. Savings of 15% to 50% are expected in various stages of the machining lifecycle.

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