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OMAC and OPC UA Companion Specification featured in Packaging World Article

At a recent meeting in Microsoft’s Copenhagen offices, more than 120 controls and automation professionals gathered to seek out ways of better aligning PackML and OPC UA in an OMAC conference called Smart Packaging Automation with PackML & OPC UA.

The goal of the Copenhagen conference was to share information on how the PackML unit/machine Implementation Guidelines from OMAC can reduce time and costs of integration of equipment. Through live implementations and user stories, attendees learned how PackML can be used as a standard interface to facilitate optimal integration between machines and higher-level supervisory control systems on the factory floor.

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OMAC Members Set the Standard for Automation Efficiency

Machine builders and technology providers worldwide have implemented ISA-TR88.00.02, also known as PackML, on various control platforms to increase speed to production, ease packaging line integration and improve reliability.

OMAC members are leaders in creating more efficient manufacturing and packaging operations and creating standards that advance our industry. Here are OMAC’s OEMs and technology providers who are experienced implementing PackML.

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ISA Approves Next Generation ANSI/ISA-TR88.00.02-2015 with PackML

The International Society of Automation (ISA) has approved a new, simplified version of the ISA TR88 standard, commonly called PackML.

The new version, ANSI/ISA-TR88.00.02-2015, is now available through ISA and ANSI. ISA/ANSI members receive discounts.

The new version of TR88 makes the standard even easier to implement across a broad range of manufacturing applications. Definitions have been simplified and clarified to fill in gaps in implementation and remove unnecessary sections. A minimum set of tags and states have been identified. Additional changes have also been made to improve data structure and communication.

OMAC members benefit from access to templates and implementation guides, and discounted tools and resources for applying the TR88 standard to their applications.

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