This corporate membership category includes companies and organizations that (1) seek to develop, integrate, and/or supply OMAC compliant systems and components, and/or (2) gather, analyze, and disseminate business and technology information on OMAC technologies.

Membership Fees:

New and renewing End User & Original Equipment Manufacturer annual membership fees are $2,900 (annual sales >$50 million); $1,900 (annual sales of $5.0 to $50 million); $900 (annual sales under $5 million) for a one-year period.

Term of Membership:

Memberships are for a one-year period beginning on the day the invoice payment is received by OMAC.

Benefits during the membership year:

  • Access to OMAC Workgroups via direct introduction to Workgroup Chairs
  • 20% company employee discount to all OMAC conferences and symposiums
  • Company logo listed on OMAC website and link to company website
  • One seat on the OMAC technical advisory board (TAB)
  • Set number of free OMAC Individual Memberships (valued at $100 each) for your employees
    • Large Company: Up to 30 Individual Memberships (A $3,000 value!)
    • Small Company: Up to 15 Individual Memberships (A $1,500 value!)
  • Listing as an OMAC Corporate Member on OMAC mailings and promotions (where appropriate)
  • Access to OMAC best practices and technical guidelines (e.g. OPW Packaging Guidelines, MUGSecure Best Practices)
  • Opportunity to post an organizational article in the OMAC Update newsletter.
  • Use of the OMAC and OMAC workgroup logos