OMAC Launches Operational Technology Advisory Forum

Contact: Brent Meyer

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  OMAC Launches Operational Technology Advisory Forum

(Reston, VA) One of the most significant roadblocks to standards adoption and the Industrial Internet of Things is the gap between information and operational technologies.  OMAC aims to close the gap by launching an Operational Technology (OT) Advisory Forum, which brings together automation end users to collaborate on standards and best practices.

Members of OMAC’s OT Advisory Forum will be part of the collective voice of end users, integrators, OEMs, technology providers and corporate members that champion standards in manufacturing automation. The OT Advisory Forum is open to qualified automation end users at no cost and allows them to collaborate with other manufacturers and participate in many OMAC sponsored activities, such as workshops, best practice sharing, OMAC document reviews, communication, and annual meetings at the member rate. Members of the OT Advisory Forum will also be recognized on OMAC’s website and other promotional activities.

Members of the OT Advisory Forum can transition to full corporate members to access additional benefits, such as voting privileges, updates of ISA TR88.00.02, initiative proposals, technology demonstrations, workgroup and Technical Advisory Board activities and leadership opportunities. To learn more about the differences between corporate membership and the OT Advisory Forum, visit

For more than two decades, OMAC member companies have championed standards in manufacturing automation. For example, OMAC is responsible for the ISA TR88.00.02 (PackML) standard that is driving production and ROI improvements for end users and OEMs worldwide.  Additionally, OMAC has contributed substantially to the MTConnect, STEP NC and OPC UA standards.  OMAC continues to advance automation standards with universal templates for machinery User Requirements Specifications, HMI dashboards and others.

The Path to the Industrial Internet of Things

To reach the full potential of the Industrial Internet of Things from the production floor through operations, manufacturers need to resolve numerous challenges and meet multiple requirements. Manufacturers have the opportunity to drive the discussion and solutions by working together in industry standards organizations such as OMAC.

Some of the pressing issues and questions OMAC and other standard organizations are working to address include:

  • What OT standards are required to meet IT security concerns?
  • How can manufacturers achieve interoperability and connectivity that takes advantage of today’s analytics?
  • How can manufacturers prevent proprietary industrial technologies from holding back effective Industrial Internet deployment?
  • How can manufacturers convince suppliers to adopt standards without incurring unnecessary cost and delay?

“It’s not enough for corporations to adhere to ‘internal’ standards and specifications,” says Dr. Bryan Griffen, OMAC Chairman.  “The Industrial Internet demands true end-to-end interoperability, with a flattened hierarchy between IT and OT systems.”

Join OMAC’s Operational Technology Advisory Forum

There is no cost to join OMAC’s OT Advisory Forum. Details available here.