OMAC Members Share Solutions for Implementing ISA-TR 88, PackML

Ten members of the Organization for Machine Automation and Control (OMAC) shared solutions and best practices for implementing ISA-TR 88, PackML to a full house at PACK EXPO Las Vegas. Presentations by leading technology and automation providers  included tools and strategies for deploying PackML using their platforms.

Uwe Keiter presents at the OPW Meeting at PACK EXPO Las Vegas 2015.

Here are the presentations:

A major initiative of OMAC since 2008 has been promotion of the ISA-TR88.00.02 automation standard, commonly known as PackML. Since first established as a common packaging machine language and batch software standard, ISA-TR88.00.02 has been implemented by manufacturers and machine builders worldwide on various control platforms to increase speed to production, ease line integration and improve reliability. The second generation of ISA-TR88.00.02, which will be released by the end of 2015, will make it even easier to implement across a broad range of applications.

The technology presentations launched a successful show for OMAC members and organizations interested in automation standards, which included multiple members promoting ISA-TR88 (PackML) in their booths and machines from packaging machinery leaders ID Technology, powered by Pro Mach, and Mettler Toledo on display in the OMAC booth.

OMAC also presented an Innovation Stage presentation from OEM and end user speakers entitled  PackML and Beyond—Improving Line Productivity Through Standardized Machine-to-Machine Communication. The presentation featured Bryan Griffen, Nestlé Group Engineering Manager and OMAC Chair; Ken Nyren, Axon IT Engineering Manager; and Claus Norup, Arla Foods Automation Engineer. Video of the presentation will be released in the near future.

OMAC added 14 new members so far this year. Total membership and partner organizations is now 67 companies, including 15 leading manufacturing and automation engineering firms outside North America.

About OMAC

The Organization for Machine Automation and Control (OMAC) helps manufacturers and suppliers work together to identify new and innovative ways to increase the effectiveness of their production operations. OMAC brings together leading End-User Manufacturers, OEM Machine Builders, System Integrators, Technology Providers, and Non-Profit / Government Agency organizations to address issues that confront global manufacturing today. OMAC’s two working groups, Packaging and Manufacturing, lead the way in producing industry consensus guidelines that help manufacturers reduce their delivery times, be more efficient with available resources, and increase profitability. More information is available at