Product Inspection, OMAC and PackML

METTLER TOLEDO is a member of the Organization for Machine Automation and Control (OMAC) and has been an active participant in OMAC activities for several years. METTLER TOLEDO is the largest global producer of product inspection equipment. This position with our participation in OMAC provides us with an active listening channel, and the opportunity to lend our expertise to our OMAC partners in developing standards for critical communications and other key areas of machine automation.

   Download the OMAC and PackML whitepaper from METTLER TOLEDO

About OMAC

The Organization for Machine Automation and Control (OMAC) helps manufacturers and suppliers work together to identify new and innovative ways to increase the effectiveness of their production operations. OMAC brings together leading End-User Manufacturers, OEM Machine Builders, System Integrators, Technology Providers, and Non-Profit / Government Agency organizations to address issues that confront global manufacturing today. OMAC’s two working groups, Packaging and Manufacturing, lead the way in producing industry consensus guidelines that help manufacturers reduce their delivery times, be more efficient with available resources, and increase profitability.  More information is available at