The OMAC Manufacturing Workgroup (OMW) is charged with maximizing the business value of discrete part machinery by providing automation guidelines, developing best practices, and assisting in international standards development.

OMAC Manufacturing LogoOur primary objective is to create an environment that maximizes the machine automation choices of end-users and OEMs, and increases their flexibility through greater openness and interoperability. To ensure that this goal becomes a “win-win” situation, we work with CNC controller vendors, CAD/CAM suppliers, and CNC OEMs to encourage their support of OMW “Connect and Manufacture” standards and best practices.

OMW Related Documents

Early AP-238 Implementation at Boeing
David Odendahl & Sid Venkatesh

Challenges of Integrating CNC Production and Enterprise Systems
Case Study by John Michaloski

STEP-NC Enhances Value in Part Manufacturing

Cloud Services for the Seamless Digital Thread
A demonstration of cloud services for the Seamless Digital Thread will be given at the Future of Flight museum in Mukilteo, Washington on October 5th, 2016. These cloud services were developed under the sponsorship of the DMDII to reduce manufacturing costs by 15% or better and can be applied to all types of manufacturing activities.

OMW Executive Committee

The OMAC Manufacturing Workgroup (OMW) Executive Committee oversees the direction of the OMW and its sub-groups and approves all of the recommendations that come out of the OMW sub-groups. The OMW Executive Committee is made up of 3 users, 2 technology providers, and 2 machine builders. Members are expected to represent their industry group (user, technology provider, or machine builder) in providing input and direction to the committee. OMW Executive Committee positions are for two year term.

OMAC Manufacturing Workgroup (OMW) Chair
Rich Morihara, Boeing

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