Packaging Workgroup

The objective of the OMAC Packaging Workgroup (OPW) is to maximize the business value of packaging machinery by improving automation guidelines and standards. This will lead to improved flexibility, improved capability, and reduced system integration costs.

OMAC-packaging-logoTo attain this goal, we work with automation suppliers, OEMs, and trade groups worldwide to encourage their support of the OMAC Packaging Guidelines throughout their products and practices, creating a mutually beneficial environment for the guidelines.

The OMAC Packaging Guidelines make packaging operations more effective by simplifying customization and integration, which enables world class packaging operations. When implemented, packaging companies and their partners gain a competitive advantage as they leverage an integrated supply chain to optimize operations.

PackML/PackTags Technical Report Approved
The ISA88 Committee has approved a new ISA88 Technical Report on Machine and Unit States. This technical report incorporates the OMAC Packaging Workgroup’s PackML and PackTags documents with the industry standard ISA88 terminology.



OMAC PackML logo

The new OMAC PackML logo and sticker artwork, released in October 2014, are now available for download. Please use the links below to obtain the file of your choice.

  OMAC PackML Logo (PDF)
  OMAC PackML Logo (PNG)
  OMAC PackML Logo (JPG)

 OPW Executive Committee

The OMAC Packaging Workgroup (OPW) Executive Committee oversees the direction of the OPW and its sub-groups and approves all of the recommendations that come out of the OPW sub-groups. The OPW Executive Committee is made up of 3 users, 2 technology providers, and 2 machine builders. Members are expected to represent their industry group (user, technology provider, or machine builder) in providing input and direction to the committee. OPW Executive Committee positions are for two year term.

OMAC Packaging Workgroup (OPW) Chair
 Uwe Keiter


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